Balbo Beard Style- Hot and Interesting Beard Style For Men

balbo beard style

Today’s man are very much fashion conscious. In previous ages, there were very much rare to find any fashion conscious people. In the meanwhile, we already know about many fashionable and stylish beards style. Today I bring another fashionable, stylish, hot and interesting beard style for you “The Balbo beard style”.

The Balbo is almost like extended Goatee but the only difference is, in this style the moustaches and the chin beard will not be connected. The shape of this style will look almost like the “inverted T” from the bottom of the lip; in the middle part, it creates a stylish soul patch, and a disconnected handlebar moustache. To do the Balbo beard style, your hands just need to be little skilled. It is totally your personal overview how you will design your beard.

The past histories of Balbo Beard style 

Though Robert Downey Junior bring this style in front of us, but many of you may not know that this Balbo style is first created by the Italian air marshal Italo Balbo  who was a Mussolini confidant during the World War II. The name Balbo actually comes from his name. On that time, he got good attention from the people. After many years later Robert Downey makes it famous.

Is this Balbo beard style is for you?

In every style when you choose, Make sure that is this style is for you or not. Every style has different definitions. If your style does not suit you then you will make a disaster for you. This Balbo style mainly suits on Round, Triangle, Diamond and Square Face. So first define your face shape and choose the perfect style for you.

face style suite for balbo

Similar styles of Balbo beard

The Balbo style is almost same as Van Dike. Some consider it as a type of Goatee style. But it is not. It is a different history and it is a different style. There is another similar style of the Balbo which is known as The Anchor.

The Anchor:

As this Anchor style looks like an anchor so that the style name came. This style is almost like the Balbo but it is more trimmed and groomed. In this style, your lower lip part and the chin side have to be made like an anchor. So when you try this you have to be more careful.

The Anchor Style
The Anchor Style

There is some video link which will help you to grow a perfect Anchor:

How to grow the Balbo Beard Style?

For getting a perfect beard style you first need to grow your full beard. You must have to grow a moustache. Shaping your beard may not be creating a big trouble for you. For this, You can follow this step:
1. Trim the beard and leave the hairs around the more drawn out jaw and the mouth part. Utilising a full measure trimmer, trim whatever remains of the hairs to around 3 or 5 mm.
2. Make a framework of your Balbo whiskers utilising an exactness trimmer. Give a remittance of around 2 to 3cm wide under your lower lip and bend downwards and the outwards around the hairs in favour of the button making a beeline for the jaw.
3. Precisely shave the hairs outside your Balbo diagram and expel the hairs around the edges of the lips and the goatee. This ought to in the long run make an elongated shape that is regularly known as “Chinstrap”. Keep in mind to frame a rectangular shape from the centre of the facial hair to the base part of the lip.
4. Still with your exactness whiskers trimmer, isolate the moustache from the centre. Keep on trimming the moustache taking after the upper lip line to the side of the mouth and leave a segment of hair around 5 to 10 mm wide between the nose and the upper lip. You can finish your handlebar moustache by either brushing it outwards or bending the closures utilising wax.
5. Clear the hair on the neck and the cheeks totally utilising a turning shaver. You can utilise a foil shaver to smooth the edges of your beard and the moustache.

How to care Balbo Beard?

Not only this style in every style has you had to be careful. And you have to be maintaining your beard properly. To keep your Balbo style you have to save regularly. In this case, you need sharp and good shaver. For good care, you can also use a good wax. By waxing regularly you can get your style for a long time.
You can creatively shape your Balbo. It is really tough to shape your Balbo alone. You need help to well Barber. But more practice can make you perfect to get this hot dashing style.
Again I remind you the Balbo underscores the button, so it’s appropriate to individuals with a round or square faces. You can mind the web for various Balbo styles from various face shapes with the goal that you can have a thought of what fits you better.


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