Chin Strap Beard- Hip Hop Beard Style For Young Man


From Decades, There came different style of beard style. Among them, The Chin Strap beard style is one of the famous styles. Most of the teenage boys or who love the hip-hop style they prefer this style for them. This style will give you a stylish look. You can experiment different variations style and design your Chin Strap and draw everyone’s attraction on you.  I think today you must want to know about Chin Strap? So today I will talk with you the most stylish  Chin Strap Beard Style.

What is Chin Strap Beard Style?

Chin Strap beard style is most talkative and misunderstood beard style. It is a type of facial hair style. It is basically thin (almost half to one-inch strip) facial hair, starting from one sideburn and continue down through your jaw line to the chin and go attached with other side-burn of the face. Some prefer to complete it by attaching a thin mustache with it.

How Chin Strap Beard Style get its popularity?

Chin Strap beard style has an extraordinary history. This style appeared one hundred years back. From then this beard style moved to Europe later on to Russia, lastly Japan along these lines. Hudson Taylor and Paul Kruger was the first person who appeared this style first. They were the president of the nineteenth century. Chin Strap facial hair is enjoyed by such a large number of big names, making it so celebrated among the youthful era.

Is Chin Strap Beard Style is for you?

If you really want to grow Chin Strap beard first you have to be sure that you have modified beard on your jaw line through your chin. After that define that is your face really made for this Chin Strap style or not. Mainly this style suits round face, triangle face, diamond face, and the square face.  So if you have one of them you definitely can try this style.


Different styles of Chin Strap Beard:

Though Chin Strap is the most talkative and misunderstood style but still it is very much popular among all ages. This style is more famous among the youth generation. From this style, you can easily look younger than your age. For this reason, many of you also choose this style. Here I present some different style of Chin Strap beard style.

  • Pencil Chin Strap Beard Without Mustache:

On the off chance that you wish to have no facial hair or light beard, then get this style. The style has a meager pencil Chin Strap beard developing uniformly from right jaw line to one side through the button. The mustache is perfect shaved and the sideburns are thin and long associating the jawline hair on both sides of the face.


  • Pencil Chin Strap Beard With a Disconnected Pencil Mustache:

You can try different things with this look on the off chance that you wish to have less facial hair. The style uses a pencil Chin Strap stretching out from right jaw line to one side through a slender goatee on the button. The sideburns are thin and associated with the facial hair.


  • Pencil Chin Strap Beard With a Pencil Mustache and  Goatee:

It is a rich style and has a pencil flimsy Chin Strap with thin (like pencil line) sideburns from one end of the face to the next by means of the jaw. There is a uniformly cut very thin chin goatee which is associated with a flimsy mustache at both the closures.


  • Disconnected pencil Chin Strap Beard With Elongated Sideburns and  Connected Mustache:

It is an in vogue style and extraordinary to develop. This is a stylish style has separated lengthened pencil sideburns that stretch out up to the jaw line. There is an associated pencil mustache that stretches out down to meet the jaw hair line. The jaw line is half shaved and half trimmed.


  • Thick Chin Strap Beard style With a Thick Disconnected Mustache:

It is an extraordinary style and has a thick Chin Strap beard developing equitably from the right jaw line to one side through the jaw. There is a detached solid mustache supplementing the beard and the sideburns are thick and long associating the jawline hair on both sides of the face.


  • Thick Chin Strap Beard Style With Thick Connected Mustache and a Chin Goatee:

On the off chance that you wish to get an amazing look, try this Chin Strap style. The style has a thick Chin Strap with a thick associated mustache. The hair stretches out from long jaw line on one side of the face to the next through the jaw. The sideburns are thick and long interfacing the jaw line at both closures. There is an all around trimmed solid jaw goatee supplementing the thick beard.


  • Thick Chin Strap Beard Style With or Without a Soul Patch and Without a Mustache:

It is a great look and makes you good looking. The style joins a thick Chin Strap beard that meets thick sideburns on both sides of the face. The Beard expands uniformly from right jaw line to one side by means of the jaw. The mustache is perfect shaved and there is a soul patch underneath the lower lip.


  • Designed Thin Chin Strap Beard Style:

If you want to look different and creative then you can try this. The Chin Strap beard style with the cheek hair can make you look changed. You can design your Chin Strap out from the sideburns. It is on your hand how creatively you will design it. You can connect your designed Chin Strap with a soul patch. Sometimes you also can connect it with a mustache. A unique design is if you try this with a Zigzag design.


  • Blending Thick and Thin Chin Strap Beard Style With a Trimmed Chin Goatee:

This Chin Strap beard styles mainly in the side-burn. It has a uniformly shifting thick and flimsy beard with a trimmed goatee at the jaw. The sideburns are thick and trimmed interfacing a slim and trimmed jaw line. The mustache is perfect shaved with simply the connector hair meeting the jaw goatee.


  • Curled Chin Strap Beard style:

In the event that your hair is wavy curled facial hair, then a pencil Chin Strap may be difficult to accomplish. Be that as it may, if done right, it will make your face look exceptionally slick. This facial hair requires watchful shaving around the strap and further trimming of the strap itself.


 How to grow The Chin Strap Beard?

Today people are very much conscious about fashion and health. There come many ways many products to grow your beard well. But still, some finds it very easy and some find very hard in managing their beard. Here I give you some tips on growing your chin strap.

  • First, you have to grow you yours fully. In this case, you have to give three or four weeks for growing.
  • As it will take minimum a month so you have to be keeping your patience.
  • After growing your beard you can find a professional barber.
  • Next, you have to trim your beard by using a good trimmer. Create a line of facial hair running down on your jaw line to the chin. And also do the same on the other sides.
  • If you wish to keep your mustache then also trim it on the same side.
  • The final thing you must have to do is clear all your facial hair which grows on another side.

How to trim The Chin Strap Beard?

Trimming chin strap beard is one kind of art. This style is required a fine finishing, there is no space for any kinds of mistake when you shape it. A little mistake can totally unbalance your cut and is enough to make a disaster of your style. Here are some tips for you.

  • Clean your face with warm water.
  • Apply shaving cream, then run you finger on your jaw-line to evacuate all the cream. This activity additionally helps you to make a diagram that will manage all of you through in your shaving procedure.
  • Just shave the segment of your face that has cream and leave the shaggy strap.
  • At the point when shaving your chin strap facial hair, guarantee that you don’t temper with the chin strap.
  • Wash your face and also ensure that your strap is straight.

Bottom Line:

At last, I want to tell you that Chin Strap beard style is amazing creativity on your face. So please be careful when you care it. Always try to shave your facial hair to make your chin strap clearer.

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