Ducktail Beard- How to shape grow and style it


Another interesting beard style which is now very much popular is the Ducktail beard style. Yes like its name, it is also very much interesting to look. Ducktail beard is now very much popular not only for its uniqueness but also it is now famous because its universal style allows the thicker beard growth. Full beard keeps its popularity in all ages and this unique style is also part of full beard style.  It is not difficult to keep the Ducktail beard style if you know what exactly it is. So if you want to try this style and know more about this style you can follow my article.

What is ducktail beard?

Now  the obvious question comes to your mind is that what is Ducktail beard style? Yes, now I will try to give your question answer. Like its name ducktail beard also looks like as duck’s backside. Many beard lovers think that Ducktail beard style is the most well groomed sophisticated style. It’s conceivably hence that the Ducktail keeps on being a standout amongst the most famous beard styles today. To make this style to yours do the upper part of the beard is trimmed shorter while the facial hair on the button zone is permitted to develop the length of the man needs it to develop. In Ducktail beard style the mustache generally connected with the beard but it remains shorter to make it more define the look.



Why should you choose the Ducktail?

Though Ducktail beard style well-groomed, sophisticated and universal beard style but it has also some limitation. It will not suit in every face. Try to know your face shape before you decide to choose the ducktail style for you. Ducktail beard style will be suited for diamond, rectangle, and inverted triangle face. And also sometimes suits on round faces. If your face is among one of them then you are actually on the right path.

The key point of growing the ducktail beard?

To keep ducktail beard is really very easy. The main identity of the ducktail beard is kept your chin beard longer. So for Ducktail beard trim your full beard from the side and make them shorter and leave your goatee side’s bottom part to be longer. Do the same until you get your perfect shape. Now just clean all the side chicks to look yourself fresh. This is the simple way to get your ducktail look.


Important tips for growing, Styling and maintaining your ducktail beard:

For growing your beard is a very easy task. For that, you have to follow some easy steps.

  • Firstly what you have to is you have to grow your full beard:
    As I told you before that Ducktail beard is the member of “Full beard” family so it is the obvious thing that you have to keep your full beard first. In my ‘Full Beard- Highest Keeping Beards Style In The World’ article, you can get more knowledge about keeping full beard smoothly.
    Normally in every month your beard will grow ½ inches. You can follow short ducktail or long ducktail in both cases the perfect length is 2-4 inches. And for making the perfect ducktail 4 months will take. Develop out your beard as regular for 1-2 months, however, recognition on preserving the cheek and mustache regions trimmed and shorter. the cheek hair may be stored trimmed if required and many Ducktail lovers keep a shaved neckline at the same time as letting the beard grow above the neckline. allow the chin hair to grow to your selected duration. You may develop your mustache long and pointy or many growers keep it quick giving greater emphasis to the beard.
  • Secondly, you have to get ready all your tools:
    Any style you want the important thing that you first need is the tools. So it is not different in Ducktail beard style. To shape your Ducktail beard you can use a well branded electric trimmer or razor. You can also use a good beard comb, scissors etc. So after ensuring that all your tools are ready you can start shaping your Ducktail Beard style.

Thirdly start shaping your Ducktail beard:

To shape your Ducktail beard just start to follow this steps,

  • Start with the upper part of your chin.
  • Trim your chin hairs in a very slow way from top to bottom, tapering each side in the direction of a center factor underneath your chin.
  • Decide your desired length.
  • Trimmed your Ducktail shape in front of a mirror with full concentration.
  • Frequently comb your ducktail beard when you shape it.
  • You don’t need to make an extremely sharp point. Sometimes little round shape also looks good.
  • Trim your side chin is the main thin. After getting your perfect shape now you can focus on your mustaches.
You can see this video it will help you to shape,

#Celebrities with ducktail beard style:

  1. Leonardo Dicaprio:
    Leonardo Dicaprio the famous Actors also keep this Ducktail beard. He keeps this beard mainly for Calvin Candie movie. In this movie, he definitely gets a sophisticated look by keeping this ducktail style.Leonardo-Dicaprio in ducktail beard
  2. Ryan Gosling:

Ryan Gosling is known as the most stylish Actor in today’s time. Everyone love to follow his cool stylish look. He has the perfect inverted triangle face shape and this Ducktail beard style suits him very nicely.

Ryan-Goslingin ducktail beard

Bottom Line: Lastly I want to tell you that not only in this style but also in every style you should calmly and slowly trim and style your beard. And definitely in ducktail beard the chin portion is very much important so pay your extra attention to it. As I tried my best to give you the best tips about the ducktail design I hope it will help you.

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